Our trade name has been changed from "CMIC Career Co., Ltd." to "CMIC Solutions Co.,Ltd./CMIC Career Company.


About CMIC Group

In 1992, the CMIC Group launched the business called CRO (pharmaceutical development support)
for the first time in Japan, and has responded to various customer needs as a leading company.
Beyond the scope of CRO’s responsibilities, we were able to establish systems that provide services to all operations related to drug development.
We will utilize our extensive experience and knowledge to meet customers’
expectations, to build a business model that can create new value,
and to contribute to the development of the medical and healthcare field.


We support a wide range of pharmaceutical development services such as data management, EDC, statistical analysis, medicine consulting, medical writing, audit and analytical tests, clinical trials and BPO. For medical development services, we offer support for pharmaceutical industries, and human resource services.
We provide comprehensive services related to pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing support, from formulation review to investigational drug manufacturing and commercial production.
We support sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals such as MR dispatch, planning and production promotion to pharmaceutical companies.
We support services for health care and health maintenance, and mainly the promotion of medical institutions, patients, and general consumers such as SMO (clinical facility support organization) and business and health care information services.
We conduct business related to the development for sales and diagnostics, and orphan drugs (drugs for rare diseases). We also aim to contribute to medical treatment by offering solutions to patients and pharmaceutical companies using innovative methods.
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